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Essay on History of Pollution in Naylor's Run

            Essay on History of Pollution in Naylor's Run.
             Outside of our very on school is a stream ecology. This stream is called Naylor's Run and it is located in Naylor's Run Park. This stream has a long and rich history. Throughout this history the stream was exposed to pollutants. These pollutants and how it came to be a problem in Naylor's Run will be looked at more closely in the following paragraphs. This history can be separated into four eras, the time before the Native Americans, Arrival of the Salty Men, the Industrial Revolution, and Modern Times. .
             To really understand the stream we must first look at its distant past. The time when only Native Americans ruled this area was before the 1600's. A tribe called the Lenni Lenape dominated this particular area. The specific band of Lenni Lenape in this area was called the Unami. The Unami ranged from what is now Delaware to Southeast Pennsylvania. This Native Americans lead a very peaceful life. Their daily activities included hunting, fishing, trapping, gathering, farming, and travelling. They lived in structures known as wigwams and long houses. They were very at peace with nature. Only small amounts of animal life were killed for food, clothing, shelter, and many other things. It continued to be this way for thousands of years.
             The next era is known as the arrival of the salty men. This name is derived from the fact that Native Americans called the white man the salty men. This era lasted from 1600 to about 1800. These white men included the Swedes, Finns, and the Dutch at first. They set up temporary settlements on the shores of the East Coast. They were here for one main reason. This reason was fur trading. The fur that was sought after more than all was the beaver fur. This was because the fur was used to make felt which was then used to make stovepipe hats. These hats were a huge trend for men in Europe during this time.

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