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Q. Narrative Continuity and Rupture, and Their Effects Regar

            The structure of the film, Memento (Christopher Nolan, I REMEMBER PRODUCTIONS, Australia, 2001) plays a large role in influencing the way by which viewers interpret the narrative. The director, Christopher Nolan, employs certain filming techniques which highlight narrative continuity and rupture to encourage multiple viewings of the film and hence an active and in-depth viewing by the audience. The importance placed on narrative continuity is illustrated through the chronology of the black and white scenes and the looping of colour scenes. Rupture within Memento, is depicted by primarily the editing, including the reverse chronological nature of the film, Leonard's "system- of Polaroid shots and their annotations, the large number of edits within short time spans and the absence of long shots and consequently the overwhelming deliverance of close ups. It is through these disorientating techniques that Nolan leaves the field wide open for viewers to construct their own individual interpretation of events.
             Narrative continuity is essential in creating order and establishing sequential events. The audience sees this continuity in practice via the chronology of the black and white scenes. It is in these scenes that viewers are encouraged to piece together the montage, without the distortion of colour. During the black and white scenes members of the audience are invited to empathise and identify with Leonard's condition. The following quotation is a representation of Leonard's state of mind. It highlights both his thoughts and emotions.
             You don't know anything. You feel angry, you don't know why. You feel guilty, you have no idea why. You could do anything and not have the faintest idea ten minutes later, like Sammy. What if I've done something like Sammy?.
             These black and white scenes in addition to stimulating continuity are symbolic of documentaries hence giving them a more realistic overtone.

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