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Social Observation Essay

            I observed Savanna and Lani playing in the swimming pool outside in the driveway. They were both in their bathing suites splashing around in the water. Lani was the leader and Savanna followed her every move. Lani went down the slide backwards and then Savanna followed. The girls were splashing the water and laughing. This is the first time that Savanna has interacted with Lani since she has joined Lil Piece of Heaven Preschool. Savanna is interacting socially with another child for the first time. Lani got out of the large pool and went to the pool with the water toys and brought some to Savanna. The girls began pouring the water from one container to another. Lani didn't spill much water when she was pouring and Savanna was trying real hard to put the water in the other container but spilled more than she got into the bucket. Lani went to the water slide again and started sliding down the slide on her stomach. As she splashed in the water her face went under and she started to laugh. Savanna waited till Lani was down the slide and went down the slide on her stomach as she came close to the bottom of the slide she tried to lift her head and she avoided her face from going under the water but getting her hair wet. Lani then got out of the pool to assist Michaela up the driveway hill on her bicycle. Savanna got out of the pool and asked to get dressed in her clothes. When Lani got Michaela up the hill on her bike she returned to the pool. Savanna saw Lani return to the pool and joined her again in the pool. The girls continued to slide, splash and laugh until I called them in for lunch. .
             Reflection: The activity was developmentally appropriate for Savanna and Lani. The insight that I gained from the observation was that Lani's Social skills have developed very well and she interacts well with Savanna. I also gained insight that Savanna socially interacted with Lani when she was in the pool.

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