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To what extent can social sciences be consider as scientific

            In this essay, I will point out the difference in common sense and science and how social science is considered scientific. I will also give a real-life example on how to apply social science with the scientific method by using a scenario. .
             For centuries, people based their beliefs on their interpretations of what they saw going on in the world around them without testing their ideas to determine the validity of these theories. This is called common sense. In other words, they did not use the scientific method to arrive at answers to their questions. Rather, their conclusions were based on untested observations. For example, in a scenario of the famous pop singer, Nicholas Tse. He likes to drive fast on the road without thinking for the safety of others. When one day he knocked down a person, he immediately shifted the responsibility to others. When people know that he came from a single parent family whereby his parents were divorced, they directly assume that he is irresponsible because his parents are irresponsible too. This is the assumption that most people always believe that children will inherit the character from their parents. They are subjective when giving this conclusion. .
             However, in our age, nearly everyone is looking up to what scientists have to say. They are considered to be the experts from whom we can learn what we need to know about our world. Scientists are concerned with explaining events in a more sophisticated way than common sense can achieve. They are objective since they use methods of enquiry and the testing to try to prove sophisticated theories, which provides them a starting point to explain things. Then, from the theories, they develop a hypothesis to prove these theories. They set up models to link the concepts and ideas. Finally, after all these stages, they use all the information they had gathered to explain and predict an issue scientifically. .
             Let me use another example to differ common sense and science.

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