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How Religious Education Influenced my Life

            Religious education influences my life in many ways. It also influences the lives of many other people. Religious education influences me to think differently. Usually after a lesson that I have learned in religion class, I try to take the morals out of them and use them in every day life. I also try to watch my friends and family and observe them and try to see if they are using the morals that I have learned from religion class. Religion lessons that I have learned in school also helps in prayer. If you take a religion class in school, then you will probably pray. This is a good thing if you are a person who does not pray a lot in their spare time. everybody who does not go to church at all. It helps because when there are school mass Religious education helps everybody who takes religion courses learn about different cultures me to act in a better way. They also make me think about faith and what I believe in. Religious education " religions and everything to do with God and Jesus. I think that religious education should be mandatory because people who are non-catholic can learn about Catholicism and about different religions. This would influence other people's lives because they would maybe be turned to a religion or maybe start going to church. Religion education also helps , the Eucharist is given to catholic and non-catholic people. Also, in school masses, catholic and non-catholic people get prayer to God.

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