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Recommendation Letter

             This letter is intended to serve as a college recommendation letter for Terry M. I have known Terry for more than two years and I discovered the uniqueness and intelligence hidden deep inside him the first time we ever met.
             Two years ago, at the beginning of the Spring Semester, I welcomed Terry as another foreign student from China. At the interview, he openly told me that he had little basic knowledge about English but had the confidence to pick it up and demanded to take more advanced courses at Math and Science. From his deep accent and inaccurate grammar and being a counselor with an experience of twelve years myself, I pondered, but reluctantly agreed to give him a chance. Two years later, as I was working on the Junior class rank, I surprisingly found that number sixty five is occupied by Terry with a GPA of 4.19. With curiosity, I quickly asked him how he managed to bring up his GPA from 3.80 when he came here (he brought some credits from China) to 4.19 in only two years, he smilingly replied with only one fluent English sentence: "I should have tried harder.".
             Despite his unfamiliarity with the society and school system in America, Terry involved in a wide variety of extracurricular activities ranging from Soccer to Honor Society to countless academic competitions. He has won various awards at different Math and Computer Science contests and brought fame to the entire school. His unique logic thinking skills and talents at mathematics led him all the way to the Math UIL State Competition this year.
             In the over twelve years of my high school counselor career, I have met other foreign students with gifts and talents, but Terry is the one that achieved the most in the shortest amount of time. From an absolute foreigner that could barely memorize the alphabet to a fully Americanized Asian with a successful high school career, Terry is an outstanding young man of numerous talents, motivations, and self-discipline.

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