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Energy and Electricity Consumption

             Suppose each and every University student was held accountable on his/her energy use within the campus and assigned the obligation to cater for the costs due at the end of the year, no one would want to use electricity once again. The attitude towards power would have gained detrimental respect from the students themselves. Apparently energy consumption in the university premises is at the expense of the University administration. Likewise, they find it too high to bare. For instance, a University spends Circa 800,000 pounds each year on electricity. This is wastage of resources since most of this energy are not well utilized. They go on wastage due to negligence and lack of responsibility among the users, mainly the students. .
             This research paper is therefore aimed at digging into the core root of the problem and formulating the Pro-environmental behaviors that can be employed to help solve the problem of the irresponsible energy consumption behaviors through identification of the challenges accrued and the proactive measures to combat the menace (Dorlve et al 2010). It is for this purpose that the research study was planned, funded, materialized. In this paper, the research study report is organized on a stepwise basis so as to give sensitive and positive results oriented recommendations to the students and the general public on effective Pro-environmental behaviors.
             Aim and Objectives of the Study.
             The study's aim is to support the university policy objective for continuous improvement in environmental performance Requirement, ISO 14001, environmental standard (July, Miriam and Billy, 2011). This is important, not least because the Welsh Assembly a statutory duty to promote and support sustainability, under The Government Wales Act 1998. In support of that the study's objectives are: To identify the barriers affecting the display of pro-environmental behavior, e.g. reduce food waste, within on-campus students of the University To identify a series of intervention types for inducing more PEB in the above target group (based on the DEFRA 4E model, environmental psychology and green marketing and focus group interviews with students).

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