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Energy - Consumption and Development

            The energy we use varies from year to year. As our central heat and air units age, they will require more energy to operate. If it stops working in the winter, then you implement space heaters to heat your home. This will create a higher energy usage. The weather will always play havoc with your energy usage on a daily basis. If it is extremely hot in the summer months or extremely cold in the winter, your unit will work harder to maintain the set temperature for your home. Sometimes the age of other appliances will also increase your energy usage over time. Last month we replaced our washer and dryer, with newer energy efficient models, this month our electric bill was $10 dollars less than last month. .
             There are many ways to reduce your energy usage; changing your lighting from traditional bulbs to fluorescent bulbs is costly but they use less energy than traditional bulbs and they also last longer; unplugging items when they are not needed is another way to reduce your energy costs. Instead of running the dishwasher, wash your dishes manually, sure it will take some time but it will also cost less. If you decide to maintain an exercise routine, your body will require more energy. .
             ┬áMost of Tennessee's electricity comes from coal, nuclear, and hydroelectric power. Nearly all of it is produced by the federally-owned Tennessee Valley Authority (Renewable Energy for America). The primary sources of energy for home heating are electricity, the second source being natural gas. The chart below shows the usage of electricity at 52%; natural gas at 36%; propane at 73%; fuel oil at 2 % and other/none at 3%.
             The homes main consumption of natural gas usage is for space heaters and the hot water heater; they use electricity for air conditioning, appliances, and lighting (Tennessee Residential Energy Consumption, 2013). Tennessee has recently began focusing on developing clean, locally produced, renewable energy; hoping to become a leading producer of cellulosic ethanol, the bio-fuel of the future.

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