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Using Energy in Our Society

            Technology has provided today's society with a standard of living never surpassed in the past. Automobiles, temperature control, electronics, many different types of clothing for every weather condition, just to name a few. But these don't come without a price tag. Energy is required for all of these advantages to exist. In the past, we have relied solely on non-renewable sources, mainly fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal. Technology has allowed for this raw energy to be transformed into other forms of energy, including electrical. .
             As energy sources begin to dwindle, problems arise which must be dealt with if people wish to continue using energy as accustomed and maintaining our standard of living. This means that renewable energy sources must be explored and implemented into today's society. As environmental awareness has reached an all-time high, discouragement towards using non-renewable sources has been met. As fossil fuels pollute our atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other gasses, which lead to the greenhouse effect, support and demand for more environmentally friendly energy grows, and that answer can be found in renewable sources. .
             Most of the world's energy consumption, around 80%, is used in developed countries rather than in developing locations. This would be because in developed countries, such as Canada and the United States, technology is all around us. Every part of our day consumes energy in one form or another, from the alarm clock which gets us out of bed in the morning, to the subway which takes us to school, to the television used to unwind at the end of the day. In developing countries, there is not as much opportunity to consume energy as in other places, due mainly to the lack of technology. .
             When the alarm clock sounds to wake me in the morning, I have already used energy. Cooking and preparing all three meals also consume energy.

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