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How Technology Changes Our Lives

            Technology has had an effect on almost every person around the world. It has completely changed the way we talk, think, behave and even work. The evolution of technology has changed society in almost every way imaginable. All around the globe, billions of people benefit from technology. It plays a big role in almost all fields of human life and work. Technology has simplified the work of students, teachers, and workers in the medicine, communication and transportation field. However, the excessive usage of technology has its disadvantages as well. Although, in most cases the speed it takes to complete a task accelerates with the use of technology, most people fail to notice that technology sometimes has a negative affect on society.
             One of the first things worth mentioning regarding what technology has changed is education. The excessive use of technology during learning is changing education in good and bad ways. Relying on gadgets such as tablets and computers too much can weaken a person's memory. These gadgets make the brain lazy, and prevent it from getting the activity and exercise it needs which can cause loss of focus and problems when a person becomes older. With technology, we have all the answers and information we need just a click away, which can also make one's brain under-active. However, there are far more positive points than negative points when it comes to technology's effects on education. Distance Education is just one of the many positive influences technologies have on education. Because of technology, students can take courses over the Internet at their convenience; they do not have to be constrained to a weekly planner. Technology has caused classes to become more dynamic between student and teacher; technology has made it easier for teachers and students to communicate.
             Across the world, technology has affected the relationships between families and friends. Because of all the devices found in households these days, it is hard for a family to have an enjoyable discussion when sitting together.

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