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Technology's Impact in our Str

            Technology's Impact in our Structure .
             How is technology affecting our structures in society? Is it conceivable that our own creations are changing the way we interact with each other in a negative way? Blaming technology such as a computer for the way we live our lives now a days is unjust and hypocritical. As a society we strive to get better and by nature more competitive every year. Its true that we don't always sit at the dinner table together anymore, but are we to say that technology has done this to us. Technology hasn't diminished our structures; it has merely tried to keep up with our faster more competitive way of living. .
             The computer and the Internet are one of mans greatest technological creations; but has the computer age changed the structure in our homes in a negative way? Some may say that kids spend large amounts of meaningless time in front of a computer. This is simply a parenting issue, and not a set back in our structure. The same goes for a kid that has spent all afternoon throwing rocks at a window. Some critics may argue that kids are interacting more with machines than with each other. The fact of the matter is, kids who like sports will still play sports, and athletes seem to get better every year. The children who just want to play with other kids will still go outside or ask their parents to take them to the park. Now is it a setback when a kid that has less interest in sports or outside activities and decides to explore the world of computers? Computers in our households aren't tearing up our families; they"re really just opening up a world that wasn"t there. .
             Computers have also improved our market place in tremendous ways, and not diminished its structure. It's true that the going to the store experience has somewhat diminished, but lets explore the reasons why. Some people would rather not sit in a line at a store for an hour or even have the time to do so.

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