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Technology In Our Society Today

            Technology what does that word mean to you? According to the America Heritage dictionary, it is the application of science especially in industry and commerce. The aspect of technology that I am going to discus is technology in our society and the affects it has on our society today.
             Technology has come along way over the years who would of thought something like the cell phone would play such a strategic role in our life. The phone alone wasn't enough we had to take it one step further. Mobile communication any time any where that's what are culture has become were a fast food society there is nothing we can do about it. .
             Ian Frazier discussed the telephone in one of his essays called Dearly Disconnected. He spoke about the role the telephone has played in our lives. He remembered historic moments in his life that revolved around the telephone. He spoke about how him and his wife found there love through the telephone, by making that one call to that public telephone booth. Who would of known she would be there to pick it up, fate through technology. Technology truly could of changed this mans life. .
             What if that phone wouldn't of been there maybe they wouldn't be married today.
             After this encounter with the pay phone, Ian Frazier found himself having some kind of bond with the payphone. He remember different moments in his life that revolved around a pay phone. One of the pay phones was "old wood paneled booth with leaded glass windows in the drugstore in my in Ohio hometown - each one is as specific as a birthmark, a point on earth like no other" the phone both seem to be like a revelation in this mans life.
             Ian Frazier also discussed about the extinction of pay phone " It's the cell phone of course that is putting the pay phone out of business. The pay phone is to the cell phone as the troubled and difficult older sibling is to the cherished newborn." I feel this statement was a little extreme.

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