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Technology Today

            Tablets, laptops, smart phones, PlayStation, and Xbox, all are part of and contributed to our technology today. Have you ever gone to a family or a friend's get together dinner and everyone was on their cellphone instead of communicating to each other? Have you ever wonder where your kids were or even your husband on a weekend and found them playing on a console all day? Though technology has gotten better and better and made our lives easier, it has also directed us to its' negative effects. Negative effects of technology in our society are lack of social skills, obesity and constant distraction.
             Before the boom of technology, my son liked to play with other kids outside. He played with his toys and did not have any problem finding activities that he can do at home, such as drawing and painting. Now, that all these kid's tablet, cellphones, consoles are all available to him, he is barely socializing with other kids. A failure to communicate with other people results in isolation or lack of social skills. Most people isolate themselves just by walking around with a latest device on their hand and be in their own little world. The sense of real word and communicating with each other face to face has become scarce. The absence of interaction with each other personally affect the much necessary social skills. We lose the capability to read physical response and social indications in other people. .
             Upon losing interest communicating face to face and spending most of the time on the couch or on the corner somewhere with the latest device available, little as we know, we become a couch potato. People are spending more and more time immersed in video games, chatting with friends virtually and watching videos and movies online. They are spending less and less time exercising or just simply being active. Consequently, the inactivity itself has a significant effect of the increase of number of obesity today.

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