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             Time for college applications, pressures, and anticipations. This only happens once in a lifetime, and I am glad to be able to be participant in this experience. Thank you for agreeing to write a letter of recommendation for me. I hope this letter can help you to understand me a little better and assist the writing process. I have enclosed everything you need --- forms, stamped and addressed envelopes --- in this packet.
             The colleges to which I am applying to that requires letters of recommendations are:.
             Colleges Address Deadline Date.
             Stanford Stanford University.
             Undergraduate Admission.
             520 Lasuen Mall, Old Union 232.
             Stanford, CA 94305-3005 November 1, 2002.
             New York University (NYU) Office of Undergraduate Admission.
             New York University.
             22 Washington Square North.
             New York, NY 10011-9191 January 15, 2003.
             My personal goal is, to some extent, as simple as becoming a functional human being. I am very interested in humanities. Art, English, and literature of all kinds tend to be on top of my favorites list. I get great satisfaction when I sit down and compose the melody of art, or discover the brilliance of literature. Biology acts as a tool I can shared my thoughts with the world. What makes us think? What allows us to dance, to sing, to feel? With science, in the field of Biology, I may be able to find these answers. I just want to share with the world the endless possibilities art can bring. However, I believe the most important goal for me is to stay as myself and proof to the world that I can do something for this society. .
             With my immense amount of interest in the humanities, my professional goals are leaning more toward vocations such as computer animationist, Asian studies, or a biologist. Art will always be part of my life, so why not combine something I love with something I will be working with the rest of my life? Since I was little, cartoons, animations, or any forms of moving pictures have caught my undivided attention.

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