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Communication Process

             We communicate on a daily basis with others, whether at work, home, school or in a social setting, sometimes encountering barriers. In order to over come unsuccessful communication, we must first analyze and recognize the potential barriers that keep us from communicating effectively. But, let's first understand the meaning of communication and barriers. .
             Well according to the Webster New Explorer Dictionary communication is: to pass to one another, to make known. In my own view communication is: to get your point, idea or thought across clearly. Barriers: something that separates, or serves as a barricade.
             When working for a large organization like PacifiCare, communication can be a problem. One of the biggest problems at work is communication. The most embarrassing problem for several of the departments was when a new dental plan went into effect. The plan wasnt suppose to go into effect until a month later. No one knew that, but underwriting. The problem was that underwriting was too proud to let everyone know that the plan still had not been finalized; the department was running late on the projection date.
             Therefore sales were high, and everyone else is in the dark about the plans' coverage. The sales representatives were out there selling the plan, and increasing membership by making it effective the following month (5/1/02). The employers were happy to be receiving such prompt service, from an organization like PacifiCare. .
             May 1st rolled in and so did the phone calls from the various employees that had just enrolled in the new plan. The calls werent only from the customers but from the dental offices that were confused about the coverage. The plan had several conflicting discrepancies that were confusing to everyone. The customer service representatives, which are the frontline of the business were embarrassed, uninformed and felt very incompetent. .
             The representatives asked the leads for help, the leads were confused as well.

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