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Do you think Halloween should be celebrated and Why?

            I think Halloween should be celebrated. Because most children are able to dress up in the costumes they choose and have fun collecting candy. The main reason why Halloween is celebrated is because the kids have a blast dressing up and receiving candy for their wonderful costumes. Most adults think else wise. In another way it shouldn't be celebrated because a few people like to mess with the candy, which makes it difficult to know what is in it and if you should eat it. If you were to take this holiday away most people would have nothing to do, but sit around and bored. Most people wouldn't be spending time with their kids. Most kids wouldn't know how it feels to go around collecting candy or dress up in funny/scary costume. Most families can't even afford a costume for their child. Halloween is the only holiday that the parents dress up their kids and get compliments about their children look. Most parents appreciate the compliments and think about how to make that child look even better next year. When kids go trick or treating they have to beware of bag snatchers that try to take their candy from them. They would have to consider wearing bright colors, so that a car won't hit them. Also parents might want to keep a tab of what houses that they got the candy from just in case they find something unusual. That makes it easier for them because they can report that person to the police and that person will get in trouble. .

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