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Economical Aid to the Third World

             Economical Aid for Third World Countries.
             (Mainly the US).
             There is much debate on the topic of aiding the world's poor and it is clear that these peoples of extreme poverty need relief. It is just who should help them. Many say it is their fault so they can deal with it, and with some countries this is true, but mostly , this is an understatement. The term, "Third World " is a name applied to the technologically less-advance, or developing nations, nations like Asia, Africa, and Latin America. There is poverty in all nations and these impoverished people make up over one-fifth the world's population. What is debated , though, is whether an economically strong country like the United States or Canada should help the world's poor, or, rather, help their own "depraved"and "starving". It is hard to stomach that with such plentiful resources and so many jobs open existing in the United States and Canada, that its own residence would even consider turning their backs on these foreign starving people to plump the already fat citizens living within its borders. .
             The median annual income per household in the US is roughly $22,000USD (Econ.). There are many who say that this is based on averages where all of the money belongs to only a handful, to the super rich; elites such as Bill Gates or Donald Trump. If that were true it would be much more than $22,000. But no, even though most of the US income is in fortune 500, a median is what it appears, the middle. It divides incomes into classifications where one is labeled as per income. So one such as Bill Gates only accounts as one person, one out of over 225 million people. Those who make $22, 000 a year are the exact middle, they make more than half the country, and make less than the other half. So only belligerent ignorance is to say that there are only a handful of "super-rich" people in the US and the rest live in impoverished squaller.

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