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Concepts of Sustainable Energy

            Sustainability became the modern quota for almost all the communities and engineering around the world as we approached depletion of raw materials. The definition of sustainability in engineering and almost all communities is the responsible inclusion of alternatives in the design process that benefit present and future society, create the least amount of impact on the environment, and are economical through self-sustaining revenue. Thus renewable energy, in this case electricity is one of the largest debated topics on how can the modern world approaches sustainability. The modern world, including high technology to third world countries are heading toward wind energy, hydropower, and solar for producing high quantities of electricity.
             The most common source of sustainable electricity in the U.S is wind energy. Engineers have maximized the potential of high wind in West Texas and generate electricity using wind turbines (windmills) to provide a sustainable source of energy. Moving air turns the blades of large windmills or generators to make electricity, or to pump water out of the ground. Wind turbines capture the wind's energy with two or three propeller-like blades to generate electricity. In 2013, the European Wind Energy Association, one of the biggest contractors in the EU (European Union) in providing grid lines for electricity, have conducted research on the US wind energy market and concluded that wind energy is now more economical compared to other types of electricity producers in the US (Jones). Since 2008, the American Society of Civil Engineering rated the U.S power line with a D grade due to low development and the need for maintenance. .
             The government had been funding utility companies like Oncor, Brazos, Duke Energy, Southern State Electric Company etc. to improve the electricity grid and provide more sustainable electricity. The wind power industry grew $25 billion last year and provided more than 10,000 megawatts of wind power in Texas alone to support 30% of the US electricity (Henry).

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