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The Source

             An archaeological tel is the residue of settlements on its prior settlements venturing very deep into history. Made up of pottery, prehistoric flint, bricks and ruptured walls that are the reference points for archaeologists. Tell Makor stands 71 feet high and 600 feet wide. The top of Tell Makor is flat almost like a plateau.
             2) By what means do historians and archaeologists date, classify and arrive at generalizations about the civilizations whose remains they are studying?.
             Historians and archaeologists date and classify remains from civilizations using many different methods. One method of classification is how deep the artifact is in the tell, if it is deeper into the tell chances are that it is older. Also if there is a language on the artifact they could see what time period those types of people settled there. If an artifact is really beaten up with scratches and fragments broken that would help judge how long ago it was used. Artifacts can also be classified by what lies on top of it and what is underneath it. .
             3) Describe the evidence that was determined to be the artifacts of the following civilizations, each of which had been present at Makor: a) Egyptian B) Hebrew c) Babylonian d) Greek e) Roman f) Arab g) Crusader h) Turk.
             a. The Egyptian artifacts in Makor were two clay pots (level 8) dating back to 1427 B.C.E.
             b. A Hebrew Golden menorah (level 3) dated to be about 1550 C.E. Also a horned altar at level 12 which dated back to 1116 B.C.E. Also the stone of a synagogue (level 7) which was dates back to 335 C.E.
             c. Babylonian iron spearhead and bronze helmet (level 11) deposited in Makor 605 B.C.E.
             d. The Greek civilization had one artifact of a carving of a hand holding a strigil (level 10) it was deposited in the year 167 B.C.E.
             e. Roman glass phial (Level 9) was deposited in the spring of 4 B.C.E, Roman coin (Level 8) when issued was about 4 cents deposited 74 C.E.
             f. The Arab artifact was the clay figure of the Goddess Astarte (Level 14) which was deposited the year 2000 B.

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