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Mental Retardation: Causes and Effects

            Mental Retardation can occur for a number of different reasons in any .
             At birth a child may not receive enough oxygen this may .
             result in Mental Retardation. A child with Downs Syndrome will normally have .
             some degree of Mental Retardation. This level of Mental Retardation can range .
             from mild to profound. Another cause of mental retardation that is rarely thought .
             of is a traumatic brain injury. This could occur from an automobile accident or any .
             incident that could possibly damage the brain and leave it brain damaged. .
             Brain damage usually occurs while the individual is still in the womb, .
             however brain damage can occur during life due to a loss of oxygen to the brain. .
             Drinking during pregnancy may cause a child to be born mentally retarded. This .
             problem of mothers drinking while pregnant and is quite severe. Several children .
             are born each year submersed in alcohol, their tiny brains do not have the .
             opportunity to develop correctly.
             Children who are born with mental retardation are almost always delayed .
             in the mental and physical growth process. These children do not develop on the .
             same schedule as non-mentally disabled children. Simple tasks such as walking .
             and riding a bike are very hard for these children to complete. This is due to the .
             delay of their motor skills. Many children with mental retardation have difficulty .
             with hand and eye coordination. Often times these children will not function at .
             the same physical level of non-mentally disabled kids.
             There are many support programs for mentally retarded individuals. .
             During High school students who are mentally retarded train for vocational .
             opportunities. These students find a particular job and aim to master their skill. .
             Many students with mental retardation end up stocking shelves in the grocery .
             store or put news papers in plastics jobs. These may seem like very low .
             functioning jobs to a non disabled individual, however these simple tasks can be .

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