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            Mongolia is a little bit bigger than Alaska. Mongolia has an area of 604,000 square mile that's fewer then three people square mile. Less then one person per square kilometer. Mongolia has a little more then two hundred and three million people living there. .
             There's a lot of nations in Mongolia, but every nation is different in it's own way. For example a nation has a common language, customs, dress, games, and they also eat the same food. .
             Out of everyone in Mongolia 90% of him or her are Mongols. Mongols usually have roundish heads, high cheekbones, flat noses, there eyes only look slanted because they have an extra flap of skin covering the inner edge of there eyelashes. Mongols can have skin color up to pale white and a yellow brownish color.
             Out of all the Mongols in Mongolia 95% of them are Buddhists and some people there are Muslims and Christians there to though. Christianity started before Buddhists did but Christians grew gradually over the years. But Buddhists grew very quickly. .
             Mongolia has 5 important animals, the goat, sheep, camel, horse, and yak or cattle. Out all the 5 animals the horse is the most important animal, it is used for riding, horsehair rope, products like airag, horsehide leather, and meat. Most of all and dairy products to like milk. And leather products are made from the hide of a horse. If you would want to go to the mountains in Mongolia the yak would be best for the travel. Camels are really good for traveling in the deserts, mostly because they can go a long time without water, and they have good legs, and they can take the heat. They get their winter clothing from sheep's and goats wool. The men watch out for the horses. And the women, s, and sometimes boys look out for the other animals they have.
             The government of Mongolia has a parliamentary government. There are 76 members in the Great State Hural, it has or (appoints) the Prime minister of his cabinet, and they are the highest part of executive body and state and it promises or (ensures) of all the policies of the State Great Hural are put in to placed or (implemented).

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