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             Mongolia is a land forgotten by many due to its remote location in far Eastern Asia, yet it has been of never-ending importance since its beginning. The nomads of this country, as far back as the thirteenth century provided a strategic battleground for the Japanese and the Soviet Union. The country has been involved in wars, but has remained neutral. The unusual terrain and temperature make for a hard life -it has only one percent of land that is fit for human and animal habitation. Half of its people are primarily nomadic- moving their herds from one area to another- as they continue to live with a sense of pride in their past and a value system that leads them to support and love their county. This country has been on an upward movement within its government and socio/economic structure since the fall of the USSR. Mongolia, though remote, appears to be seeking economic stability for its people and emerges from its economic setbacks ready for the challenges which lie in its future.
             Size and Borders- Mongolia is located in Eastern Asia. The vast country covers 603,500 square miles of rolling plateaus and rugged mountain ranges. It is bordered by China and Russia. Mongolia is a country of stark differences. It includes the second largest fresh-water lake in Asia -HovsgolI Nuur as well as the Gobi Desert. .
             Population, Religion, Race, and Language- There are 2,654,999 people living in the country. While the Mongols are the majority in Mongolia (90%), people from China, Russia and other countries make up the remaining 10% of the country's population. The most predominant religion in the country, due largely to location, is Tibetan Buddhism. The major language of the nation, even though to this date there is still no approved national language, is Khalkha Mongol.
             Government and Leaders- Even though Mongolia would seem, due to location, to easily become communist, it is in fact a Republic.

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