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Brain-Imaging Studies Advanced Our Understanding

            Brain is the most mysterious thing in the world or probably universe. No one could proof the exact period of time that brain has been studied. One thing we know that it has been started very long time ago. But since the advent of functional neuroimaging techniques such as PET or fMRI, the study of brain seems to be a lot easier and gain information and answer to what scientist never know before. It was a very important invention for science and psychology field. This brain-imaging have advanced our understanding of neural bases of memory, by working on the experimentation, research, and study about the brain's memory processes including encoding and retrieving of information. The result of this study will be sufficient.
             In the study of brain, neural bases of memory, there"re two major kinds of observation, new develop neuroimaging technique and traditional study of brain neuropsychology. Mainly, neuroimaging is the study of all kinds of brain's image including all brain's scanners. Neuropsychology studies research on how damaged brain interact and response with different kind of lesion. There"re a number of advantages and disadvantages for both kind of study. I can see that both are very useful for human being, but I"m more interested on neuroimaging studies according to it has more advantages over neuropsychological studies and the important point is, it is a "visible" study.
             Brain is known as the most important organ in the body. It uses 1/5 of the all energy from body. It acts as a headquarters that instruct the entire body to do things. One of the most important roles of the brain is the memorization. In other word, it's the storage of the information that a person has experienced. Neural bases of memory refer to memorization system of a brain. The different aspects of memory have usually been studied isolation, and neuroimaging can do all that extremely well. Now you can see how important the brain is, and why scientists and psychologists are keep on study this complicated and complex brain system.

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