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Discuss About Avantages of Study Abroad

             It is undeniable that our country has evolved a system of education quite enviable to other developing country. Despite the existence of the many higher institutions of learning locally, however, there are still many students who go abroad for their tertiary education. This is largely because with the improvement of the socio-economic life of the people, the thirst for education and the keen awareness that education is synonymous to a better life, the existing institutions are never enough to accommodate all the aspirants. Hence, those who can afford, turn their eyes overseas, notably the established universities and college in Australia, Britain and the USA where academic excellence has been their domain.
             The greatest advantage of an oversea education is the opportunity to have a paradigm shift. Imagine having spent 11years or more in the primary and secondary school cooped up with the same type of teaching method, same attitude, ideas, beliefs and aspirations of our fellow school mates, when can we change our mind-set? When can we be free from our own shackles and break into new ideas, new experiences, new perspectives in life? An oversea education can afford us a new vista in our outlook, knowledge acquired under a different system and environment, ideas from different peoples, altogether a different mindset. This, I feel is most essential for one, who is going to live in a fast developing country like ours.
             Another reason why students choose to study abroad is the higher quality education provided by the established foreign colleges in advanced countries. Their strong tradition of guarding academic excellence jealously has established an international reputation for the high quality and wide range of courses offered. The campuses are also usually fully-equipped with modern infrastructure and facilities. Thus, suitable academic and social environment are available to the students to updating themselves.

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