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Study Abroad

            In Mexico Tec, UDLA, UNAM, IPN, Ibero, Anahuac and ITAM are all universities that have some kind of study abroad exchange programs that work in a bilateral manner. They offer Mexican students the opportunity to study in any of the five continents. These programs include the study of foreign languages, summer school, under graduate and postgraduate studies. The later two being the most common. The study abroad exchange program gives Mexican students the opportunity to score some credits over seas, with no worries about validation when they return back to Mexico. The most popular time frame is one semester, non-the less there are students who extend their stay for a year or even transfer for a whole semester. Mexican is offered many payment methods. Some involve paying the same amount that their home university charges, others are given scholarships, yet many have to work in order to pay the bills. "Not all of us have the opportunity of a scholarship, or the money to live abroad" Explains Jesse Franklin, a Mexican studying abroad at Sydney University. " My father pays my tuition in Mexico, yet I have to work so I can pay the rent, food gas, water- Unlike Jesse there are many students whose economical situation is not enough to cover tuition so they apply for a scholarship, if the scholarship is approved they can work for expenses in their destination. "I spend, roughly, between seven and nine hundred dollars monthly" Jesse estimates and adds" this is why for many of my friends scholarships are vital". In many of the study abroad exchange programs, the main objectives are to further knowledge and to build up a stronger professional character. For others studying abroad is just an adventure. .
             " Students that go over seas, have had the opportunity of leaving home for a longer period of time, and have seen different horizons, therefore their expectative of the world turns dramatically. Since I've been in Australia my point of views for many thing have changed, for example, all the thing that I took for granted in Mexico like partying or just like taking my girl for dinner, have become expensive presents that I give myself once in a while.

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