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American Economic System and homelessness

             Description of the relationship between the American economic system and the .
             I"ll address this issue by starting with a fantastic quote from our readings on this.
             subject. Michael Zweig writes that "Economic problems come from the economic.
             system, and the structure of power within it, that favors on class and disfavors others.
             Too few people have too much power over culture, education, the economy, and the .
             institutions that affect the life chances of us all." That really sums it up in a nutshell as .
             far as i"m concerned, but I do recognize the necessity to elaborate and highlight some.
             specifics on this topic. .
             The relationship between the U.S. economic system and homelessness and .
             poverty as I see it is this; The system itself does wonders to help create and maintain.
             high levels of homelessness and poverty within the richest country on the planet.
             Our capitalist system and society hinges on the concept of getting more and more .
             more for me, me, me. We have no true distribution of wealth in our economic system.
             What's more, is that, as they say, it takes money to make money. So what if you don't .
             have any money to begin with?.
             This country's economic system, as well as the rest of it all, was set up by wealthy,.
             privileged, white, land owning, and in many cases slave owning, males. They set the.
             system up to benefit their own, regardless of the equality rhetoric our history books.
             love to extol. The system was created by rich, white, Christian,men for rich, white,.
             Christian, men. That's not to infer that the rest of us have no chance what-so-ever of.
             gaining substantial wealth, but our chances are rather slim indeed. Generally how it .
             goes in this country is that those with wealth have been born into it and will bear their.
             children into it and so on and so on. The wealth of the Rockefeller's and Kennedy's.
             has always and will always be there for future generations.
             The overwhelming majority of this country's wealth in concentrated in the top 1% of.

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