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The Differences BetweenTuskeegee Airmen and Glory

             The treatment of African Americans who served in the military in the Civil war and WWII were similar. The movies Glory and The Tuskegee Airmen showed discrimination, and questioning of their abilities. The most evident conflict between the 54TH and the Tuskegee Airmen were their education. Both groups of men sacrificed to end racism in the military. The African Americans in both groups also fought for respect and dignity, taking risks to prove that black or not they were still men. During 1861-1865, the times of the Civil War and 1941-1945, the times of World War II, blacks were still mistreated and still being lynched. .
             There were three types of whites in the movies The Tuskegee Airmen and Glory. There are those who showed solid support for African Americans, Those who gave no support at all, and those who changed their minds. For example, in the movie Glory, Shaw was the one with solid support. The African American troops knew Shaw was on their side in the event where the 54th regiment received their pay vouchers and had received less than the white soldiers. In this event the troops destroyed the vouchers. To show he was equal to the black soldiers, Shaw ripped his voucher as well. The Quartermaster was the one with no support at all. The quartermaster refused to give the 54th the shoes because he didn't think they could become real soldiers like whites although, they were in dire need of them. Then, there were the white soldiers who thought nothing of the African American troops until they saw them in battle. When the 54th went to try and take Fort Wagner, the whites were cheering for them as they walked into battle. The Tuskegee Airmen were faced with similar situations. For instance, the Colonel believed that the African Americans would make it even though he was angry when Major Joy made them retake the test. Major Joy was the one who believed that the blacks had no chance and were nowhere near well educated, so he made them retake the test, and he also tried to scare Stick on an insane flight demonstration, but Stick handled Joy's advanced maneuvers and flight skills like a professional.

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