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Glory : Movie Review

             Many dream of standing victorious against their foes, but winning does not say it all. I, along with millions of viewers, have watched the Los Angeles Lakers take the NBA Championship for the last three years; and yet however easy it may seem, or glorious it may seem, no one person understands the effort put forth except the men on that team. The 54th Regiment was the first all black regiment in battle in the Civil War. The stories of their successes and sufferings is well shown in the movie, Glory. Through the great acting of characters such as Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, and Matthew Broderick, the story of the 54th was not just another tail, but rather an insight into the trials and tribulations that they faced and helps one to remember all the individuals which formed that glorious group.
             There are many talented and gifted people throughout the world today, many of which probably are not nor have ever put to full use the talent which they possess. A common reason for the lack of use for their gifts is a lack of belief in what they do. It is well known that it is hard to accomplish anything when there is a lack of faith in what is trying to be accomplished. The Greeks figured this out in fighting the Trojan war, a war that most of the men did not believe in; Americans also figured this out in Vietnam. The character played by Denzel Washington possesses many talents; however, he is does not fully believe in the nation and government, for which he is fighting for. Somewhere along the way he felt the comfort of the camaraderie of the men in the 54th Regiment, and he was willing to die to raise the flag of the United States. Another bit of common knowledge is the fact the Civil War is the bloodiest war in American history, but with so much blood it is hard to remember people's individual strides, such as the strides that Denzel's character makes.
             Another character to surge forward in spite of adversity is the character played by Morgan Freeman.

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