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Movie Violence and Society

             We cannot escape from it because it's who we are. "By the age of 18, the average American child will have seen 200,000 violent acts on television (and in movies), including 400 murders," according to Thomas Radecki, a research director for the National Coalition on Television Violence. The common view in society is that violent movies are bad. They wreak havoc on our minds and cause us to do atrocious deeds to one another. I believe this to be completely false. The entertainment industry maintains a stance that there is no real link between movies and real-life violence. I stand behind them one hundred percent. Movies have a small influence on us, but movie violence does not have a direct effect on society.
             Movies have changed drastically over time and the main cause of this change is our cultural values. Movies today are much different that those of yesterday, and they don't even resemble those made generations ago. America thirty-plus-years ago was a lot more strict about issues that were taboo then, whereas today, those issues come up all the time. As we have progressed through the years, what is put on the big screen has become more racy, more sexually explicit, more violent, and much more gory. Moviemakers have pushed the envelope to what extent the audience can handle; and it seems as if the audience can handle quite a lot. .
             There are many different kinds of violence in our movies and just as many genres of movies to supply this demand. Shootings, rapes, stabbings, wild fistfights, and vehicular mayhem have come to dominate the content of the theatres. These kinds of violent actions are most prevalent in scary movies, action flicks, slasher films, and most war movies. There are many audiences that consume this kind of entertainment. Most movies are made for the adult audience. No, not pornography, but shoot-"em-ups like "Die Hard" and "The Matrix" trilogy. Adults / young adults love to see things get blown up.

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