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Children of Domestic Violence

            Domestic Violence as defined by the VAWOR "Domestic violence, Intimate Partner Violence, or Partner Violence, or Partner Abuse is a pattern one uses over another to systematically gain and maintain power in an intimate relationship. Abuse is not just physical. A person may use emotional, financial and/or identity abuse in the relationship to gain control. Domestic violence can happen in any type of relationship. It can happen to gays, straights, newbies, oldies, married, unmarried, teens, adults and elders. It can happen to Caucasians, African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics, any race any age. It's very important to remember than when domestic violence occurs within a home not just the abuser & victim are affected, it has a serious effect on the family members, friends, co-workers, other witnesses and especially children. Research shows that children who experience domestic violence at home show negative signs in many aspects of their lives. More often than not they often do badly in school, they show aggression towards piers and are usually less social. The children see the violence whether or not you try to hide it from them. .
             Usually when domestic violence is occurring the victim parent will cling to their children. A natural common reaction in human beings. A child goes through a lot and deserves to talk. I feel as if there is not enough Domestic Violence hotlines that reach out to the children in their homes. There is no one who they can talk to. With technology today almost all children have phones or at least access to a phone. It's often hard for mothers that experience Domestic Violence to leave their abusers. One helpful place is a mother & child domestic violence shelters such as the House of Ruth and Su Casa. Many shelters that accept children have child specific activities and services for the children. A lot of shelters that I researched have art classes that are held for the children in home schooling within the shelters.

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