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Domestic Violence and the End of Silence

             The very idea of someone you think you know or love, causing you bodily or emotional harm seems unreal to most. But time and time again our society sees the effects of domestic violence. Whether in the form of physical or emotional abuse, violence is never acceptable at any level. Locally, out state of Alaska sees crimes of domestic violence on a rise. It's an issue being addressed, but we cannot depend on any one thing and or person for a solution in solving this. Those who have children need to pass down the concept that causing harm to another human, whom you declare to care for, won't be tolerated. Friends need to set an example for one another and set the tone that having respect for a partner and maintaining a civil relationship should be common practice Alaskan families need to join the battle against domestic violence, and communities need to be continuously supportive of those that come forward about their abusers. A mass effort and support system is critical in the eradication of our growing domestic violence issue.
             Keywords: domestic violence, eradication.
             Alaska is advertised as the "last frontier" the land of many adventures and unique experiences. But what about the issues Alaska is trying to combat and resolve? Among the areas of concern for this state, domestic violence ranks at the top of many advocacy groups'. The facts and statistics regarding this one issue alone are staggering. "One in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime" (Domestic Violence Facts: Alaska, n.d.). Each reader right now, knows at least four women. Can you imagine one of your friends or loved ones suffering some sort of abuse from domestic violence? Even more eye opening is the fact that "Alaska ranks first in the nation with the highest homicide rate for female victims killed by a male perpetrator."(Domestic Violence Facts: Alaska, n.d.). In this case, first isn't a trophy we want to be awarded with.

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