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Violence In Movies

            A lot of people criticize violent movies, but unless violence was added to the movies, who would want to go watch the movie? Popular movies such as Matrix and Lord of the Rings have violent parts about every five minutes. Violence is a must in my opinion. Think about all the movies you have watched over the years; how many movies did not have any of violence? Violence is apart of most movies because it brings excitement and conflict. .
             A comedy, drama, or a children's movie might be the only way to watch a movie without violence in it. But, how many huge stars, producers, or directors have arose from any of these types of movies? Maybe a comedian has succeeded in great fame such as Tim Allen or Eddie Murphy, but these two alone are not compared to the number of stars that have starred in a action-packed thriller. When some people say that violence is understandable in movies for adults, the other group asks about the children. Children might imitate behavior they see in the movies. I agree that movies, TV, and other media influence our lives, especially for kids. The problem whether movie containing violence should be halted or not is a complicated and difficult matter. Violent movies might make some kids aggressive, but they can learn about the world that happens around them. If there is not any violence in the media, everyone would have to only learn from real experience. .
             A parent can regulate what a child watches by a many different of ways. Many parents tend to blame media violence, but parents should teach their children that there are tons of good things and bad things, and they should help them to know what is wrong. In my opinion I do not think there is enough violence in movies. When watching a movie without any violence, I immediately turn the channel or regret that I paid money to see the movie. More violence should be added to movies to attract more viewers. .
             The aggression that directors and producers want to portray in flicks is their point of view they want to show the world.

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