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            The struggle for a definitive answer to the question of how and if media violence affects children has held the attention of Americans for three solid decades. While many may say the jury is still out even for thirty years, the public has drawn their own verdict and is awaiting sentencing for Hollywood. Evidence showing the negative effects of media violence on children has become quite overwhelming since the emergence of this issue thirty years ago. The little boy screaming Bang! Bang! You're dead!- as he's pointing his finger at another sibling or friend is a scenario likely played out countless times in Americans homes. This simplistic scenario has become the catalyst for the idea that media violence indeed touches the lives of children in ways that are undesirable for the child as well as society. From Hollywood movies to video games, the violence shown in these display causes real-life violence in children. Corky Romano, a PG-13 Hollywood movie provides kids with many laughs, but the acts of violence shown in the movie are very likely to produce real life violence in children. .
             The relationship between media violence and real life media violence is backed by years of extensive studies as correlations between media violence and real life violence have been searched for. Over 1,000 studies back the relationship between media and real life violence in children. In more detail, childhood exposure to media begins at a very early age as the level of violence during Saturday morning cartoons is higher than the level of violence during prime time. There are 3 to 5 acts of violence in prime time, versus 20 to 25 acts per hour on Saturday morning. The age of a child is also an important factor in the actual effects of violence on the child. Corky Romano is a PG-13 movie, but like many other movies, children under the age of 13 were apart of its target audience. Due to the light-hearted nature of the movie it can easily be confused as a movie for children of all ages.

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