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            "The average child spends approximately 28 hours a week watching television" . No child should spend more than one hour per night in front of the television set. "Fifty-four percent of children have a television set in their bedrooms" Is there a need for a child to have constant access to a television set. As parents, there needs to be a more active role in finding other ways for your children to be spending their time. For many parents, evenings are the only time allotted for quality time to be spent with your children. Individuals should take advantage of this time and do various activities. For example, have a family fun night or go out to dinner. In a 1996 pole done by TV-free America, it is noted that "Fifty-Five percent of children usually watch television alone or with a friend, but not with families". Parents need to take a more active role in spending time with their children. There are several ways to spend time with your children other than sitting in front of a movie or a video game. By choosing to do alternative activities, you are eliminating the amount of violence that your child could potentially witness. It should not be the fault of the television industry that many children view violence. Parents should take an active role in what their children are viewing and playing.
             In his article, "Hollow Claims about Fantasy Violence", Richard Rhodes argues eloquently that there is no real connection between aggression in children and video violence. The violence that teaches our children to be aggressive are the acts of violence that are being witnessed in their daily lives. According to the American Psychology Association, "A child who sees a parent or other family member abused is more likely to see violence as a way to solve problems and subsequently be more likely to abuse others." As a society, there needs to be a greater emphasis put on family values and behaviors. There is no reason why a child should ever view an act of violence in the home.

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