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Dr. Strangelove

             Strangelove, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb is producer/director Stanley Kubrick's brilliant, satirical, provocative black comedy/fantasy visĀ -vis doomsday and Cold War politics that features an inadvertent, pre-emptive nuclear strike. The first commercially successful political satire about nuclear war, has been compared to another similar suspense film released at the same time - the much-more-serious and melodramatic Fail-Safe (1964). However, this was a cynically objective, Monty Pythonish, sarcastically serious(the film was actually produced in England), biting comeback to the paranoid fears of the 1950s & 60's. Dr Strangelove boasts a wonderful cast each one a perfect fit for his role or roles I should say. (page provides a character chart ). The two theoretical critical approaches that will be used to review this film are the realist and feminist approaches appearing in the film. For the sake of the reader, the film will be reviewed chronologically using both realist and feminist themes which reoccur throughout the film. Before we begin to review the film we ll go over some basic realist assumptions, the first one is the belief that international relations are necessarily conflictual and that international conflicts are ultimately resolved by war . Realism takes a very pessimistic view of human nature and a high regard for the values of national security and state survival. This belief entails that States as extension of individuals will act as individuals, displaying selfishness and a desire to be on top. Some top realists like John Morghenthau argue that power and means of power should be the preoccupation of politics (Morghenthau,1973,pg5). A basic scepticism that there can be progress in international politics that is comparable to that in domestic political life. Italian advisor to the princes Niccolo Machiaveli argued along the same lines that the two uttermost concerns of the state should be whether old or new are matters of sound laws and sound military forces ,since there would be no use of sound laws without a sound military to reinforce these rules(machiaveli,1513,pg51).

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