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Comparison of Dr. Strangelove and Fail-Safe

            Deciding between two things is an everyday issue, and we usually end up making a decision upon what is the best offer or outcome for us. In this case, I am considering the similarities and the differences between two movies, which are Dr. Strangelove and Fail-Safe. Dr. Strangelove is an exaggerated sarcastic comedy while Fail-Safe is a severe drama. In this paper, I explained that although the two films are similar, they are also different. I do this by comparing the characters of the film. In comparing the characters of the film, each character affected the film in a certain type of way. The characters I discussed in this paper are General Turgidson, General Black, Dr. Strangelove, Professor Groeteschele, The President, President Muffley, and the woman. .
             First, in Dr. Strangelove, General Buck Turgidson is kind of an over the top character. He acts like he knows it all but he really doesn't in the aspect of pretending he knows exactly the circumstances of the war that Russia and America will be going into. He is always chewing gum. He also expresses a hostile attitude towards the Commies. He believes that all Commies are the devil. This was shown when he came into contact with the Russian ambassador. General Buck Turgidson and the Russian ambassador get into a slight altercation because the General caught him trying to take a photo of the big board in the War Room. General Turgidson is also responsible in the aspect of doing his job. For example, in the film, he is the only man seen with a woman. The woman he was seen with was his secretary. He doesn't sleep with her due to his responsibilities as the air force general. In Fail-Safe, you have General Black. General Black is a general who is troubled by his nightmares. His nightmares always ends in the same place. He believes that he is going to see the matador to find out who he is and when he does that, it will be the end of him. I also feel that General Black is a foreshadower because he keeps having nightmares about a matador.

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