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Dr. Strangelove

             Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.
             Strangelove has to be one of the most intriguing films of our time. The film, which came out in 1964, was nominated for many awards, including best actor, director and film. I found the film to have a strong sense of humor behind a subject that was and still is a very serious subject in the United States. Dr. Strangelove shows how men of the post WWII era felt about nuclear war, and the after effects, and what they would do to see that our population does not die off.
             The movie begins with on the Air Force Base commanded by General Jack D. Ripper. Ripper is an insane General who is about to cause the destruction of the world. Ripper instructs his Air Force Battalion to begin Plan R, which commands the pilots and crew to drop nuclear bombs on there specified targets over Russia. Once the plan is put into effect the planes are shut off from communication, and can only be reached with a three-letter code, which Gen. Ripper is the only one to hold. At the same time Gen. Ripper has sealed off his base from anybody on the outside. .
             It isn't until this part that we find out that nuclear war is almost inevitable due to Gen. Ripper's insanity. There is no way to stop the nuclear bombs from dropping unless they have the three letter code. The Russian ambassador then informs the U.S War Room Committee that of a nuclear bomb is dropped on Russia that it will trigger the Dooms Day Device. This device will in fact bomb the entire world killing all living things on its fields. This now proposes another problem for the men in the room because if they cannot stop Gen. Ripper's men than it will end the world as we know it. .
             As the movie progresses we see the fighting the Slim Pickens and his men closing in on their target, but not without a fight with Ruskies trying to shoot them down. This ends up causing more of a problem, their plane is wounded in the battle.

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