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Dr.Strang Love

             When people say the word "War" one thing comes to mind people dying (or physical attack on one another.) But the Cold War was different because not physical attack was made on either side. Only threats were made and that is why some people refer to the Cold War as the "Good War.".
             The US perspective on the Cold War is that it was a "Good War" and the sources in chapter nine of Hollitz uphold this idea the US had. On source had an ad that says, "The Red Menace a work in our schools-(ch.9 Hollitz p.231) To me that seems like the Americans are trying to let the public now that communist activities are going on in US schools. As soon as people find out about this then they will back up the government on the issue of Russia. All the sources in the same chapter are some type of entertainment to Americans like songs, playwrights, movies, and ads (ch.9 Hollitz.) That might be one reason why the US thought the Cold War was a "Good War.".
             Dr. Strangelove was a movie made about the Cold War and is a comical but at the same time ones" beliefs. I think that the movie does challenge the thought of the Cold War being a "Good War" because at the time the movie was made the war was still going on so therefore some things may have been unclear to some people. The movie is defiantly is agents communism because of what is said in the movie about Russians and thinks that some type of action should be taken toward the Russians. I believe this because in the movie Commander Ripper takes action and gives the orders to his men to drop the atomic bomb in Russia, but the only person that was authorized to give the okay for nuclear war was the President of the US of America. The good guys in the movie would be everyone but the Commander Ripper because he is the one that tried to start on all out war with Russia.
             The concept of good war to me would be if something would be changed or if it would save more lives then it would take.

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