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The Big Picture: Crash

             40 years ago, car crashes were the least in people's mind. Each year, in America, more than 45000 people died on the road. It nearly equals to the total number of death during 30 years of Vietnam War. However, most of these accidents were unknown to public because there was no one investigating car accidents. The government concentrated on preventing accidents by driving standards, education rather than improving car design to protect people during the accidents. Besides, cars were too important to everybody's life that any change to reduce accidents was strongly against. Consequently, by 1960, accidents rate was out of control. In America, 50000 people died a year in car crashes. However, in November 1965, the book called "Unsafe at Any Speed", written by Ralph Nader, has changed everything. It woke the American up. It showed them that cars were dangerous and they needed to be improved. In 1966, President Johnson signed new law to protect drivers, laying hand on the untouchable car industry. By that time, 1500000 people have been killed on the road. Car companies began to pay more attention to safety. They installed seatbelts, airbags Before the 1990, styling sales car, but since then, safety sales car. However, car accidents have not reduced. Every day, more than 2000 people are killed by car accidents around the world. Obviously, the more the engineering becomes safe, the more dangerously people drive. .
             Poor car design:.
             In the 1950s, safety was not important. Therefore, most of car designs were very poor. For example, the fuel tank was placed in such bad position that it might burn people in the car to death. In an accident, the driver might go towards the mirror and crash it. It would then split his skull in open. The ignition switch might slide into his knee cap. The radio buttons and the like might punch holes into his body. The front seats were attached at the front not the end, so people in the front would be crushed by the seats in an accident.

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