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Response to a "Nighttime Fires"

            When I read the Nighttime Fires, I seriously couldn"t understand what was this short epic poem about. I took me five times to read it before I actually caught the true meaning and the mood of this story. Here we actually can find out about the memories of the author when she was five years old girl. Speakers father, according to the poem, was unemployed man who no matter what, still tried to entertain his children in different possible ways. The first thing I noticed was this nice peaceful mood which was reflected in warm nostalgic words. The main person whom the author describes is her father. We can"t find any bad or negative words about this character, which kind of explains that the girl loved him and saw only good things in all his doings. .
             The actual show which father was using to entertain his kids was a fire. The name of the poem eventually came from this memories, the title Nighttime Fires in reality means the burning of the house. The fire as far as I could understand was coming from the burning house of some people. Here my conclusion came from phrase of the poem which said "we drove fast toward smoke". The fact that the authors family was driving means that burning house was not close to them. In the poem I noticed another interesting thing, when speaker said that they family was woken up in the middle of the night I sensed that there was no anger in the tone, and according to girl's memories kids were only happy about it.
             The description of fire itself just helps us to believe that memories were happy. The way author describes her observations of "sparks that ate up the sky" convinced me that she really liked it at a time. Beside we can actually find that girl calling the fire as "festival, carnival" which again proves the happiness of these memories.
             Later in the poem can feel the passion with which the speaker describes "falling cinders" that was covering the ground, or the excitement with which girl's father showed her falling of the staircase.

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