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C/C Revalation and The Sky is Gray

            Flannery O"Connor a white female writer from Georgia and Ernest Gaines a black male writer from Louisiana, give us a look on how spiritual issues can evoke violent emotional reactions in certain individuals whether young or old. O"Connor's "Revelation" and Gaines" "The Sky is Gray" both demonstrate that verbal altercations can cause disrespect and violent behavior in upper white class communities as well as in lower class black communities. Both settings take place in a doctor's office, during the time when white and blacks were still segregated. In O"Connor's "Revelation" we see a white, seemingly spiritual older person bring out violent emotional reaction in a younger disbelieving person. In contrast, in Gaines" "The Sky is Gray" we see a young non-believing black, who evokes violent reactions from the older black spiritual person. We will look at the settings of each office and the conversations that eventually lead to the confrontations. However, both stories highlight the belief that Jesus can change one's life. .
             Both writers set their confrontational moments in offices. O"Connors" "Revelation" brings us into a small waiting room. The office is filled with a variety of white people, rich, poor, white trash types, old and young. Ruby Turpin, the seemingly religious spiritual person, heavy, but with a so called good disposition is there with her husband Claud, who has been kicked in the leg by a cow. Across the room is Mary Grace, a young girl of eighteen or nineteen, fat and ugly with a face full of acne. Mary Grace, while waiting to see the doctor, reads a thick blue book named Human Development, maybe, trying to figure out why her looks are the way they are. Mary Grace is there with her mother, a very pleasant, stylish lady. Gaines "The Sky is Gray" brings also the reader into another waiting room, but this one is a dentist's office, filled with black people sitting everywhere, mostly poor.

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