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Vitamin C

             The first graph shows the comparison between acidity (due to ascorbic acid) and type of fruit. This proved to be a negative result, showing little correlation. The second graph provides evidence for the type of fruit in relation to its entire vitamin C concentration. .
             Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) .
             should have acidic nature when tested with pH and the higher the concentration of ascorbic acid the more acidic. When testing with pH paper the following results were obtained:.
             Type of Fruit Recorded pH Value.
             Orange 5.
             Apple 5.
             Lime 3.
             Lemon 3.
             Carrot 4.
             These results indicate that the lemon and lime have the highest concentration of ascorbic acid/vitamin C, where as the orange and apple have the least. This in-fact is not the case when considering graph 2. This shows that an orange has the highest value of Vitamin C (12500.00 mg), the lime has the median' value (2857.00 mg) and the apple has the least vitamin C (1187.50 mg). .
             This large difference in correlation occurs as the second graph (concentration of vitamin C solution) considers the whole fruit. An orange in comparison to the other fruits is relatively large. Therefore it will be interpreted to have the highest concentration of vitamin C. The lime, however, has a smaller volume and size and therefore, regardless of its high ascorbic acidity, will have a lower concentration of vitamin C. The chosen apple was relatively small and also has a low acidity value, thus contained the least concentration of Vitamin C. .
             In order to obtain a more realistic idea of vitamin C concentration for a part of a particular fruit, the concentration in mg/cm can be considered:.
             Type of Fruit Amount of Vitamin C in mg/cm.
             Orange 50.00.
             Apple 6.25.
             Lime 29.00.
             Lemon 50.00.
             Carrot 40.00.
             This displays how the orange and lemon have the highest vitamin C concentration/ cm of fruit. However these results cannot be used, as the investigation requires the vitamin C concentration of the whole fruit.

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