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Nutrition and a Healthy Lifestyle

            Nutrition is very important in living a healthy lifestyle. Keeping an eye on your personal daily nutrition values and intake is extremely important to an effective diet. In this paper I will compare and contrast my daily values totals as documented to the recommended daily totals. Then I will compare whether my diet is healthy or not as well how it affect my health and wellness now and in the future. .
             I picked three days of the week to do my diet analysis. I chose Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. I'm off on Saturday, so I'm able to have enough time to eat and participate in my exercise. Monday is the first day of the week. I'm more energized on Monday, I have only one class I'm also able to participate in exercise. My Thursdays feel like Fridays to me because it is my last day of school and also last day of work so I'm always relaxed on Thursday. My food Journal states that in a three day period I consumed 2,242.54 calories 717 .99 of unsaturated fat, 187.32 of saturated fat 110.41 protein, 283.55 carbohydrates, 101.25 sugar, 34.73 Dietary fiber. For vitamin and minerals I took in 748.3 micrograms of vitamin A, 155.46mg of vitamin c, 1.2 mg of vitamin B6, 185.59mcg of folate , 942.64mg of calcium, 269.34 of magnesium, 18.54mg of iron, and 8.42mg of zinc. These are the figures I documented over a three day period. This happens to be my daily routine in regards to my eating habits. .
             Usually a couple of small meals a day hold me over. Some days I may eat less, some days I may eat more. I lack consistency with my diet. Basically, I sometime miss breakfast between school and work a eat small lunch and a normal size dinner at work. I mostly eat meats and less vegetables or fruits. The normal recommendation nutrition values and intake for myself for the three days period would be 3, 052.93 calories 59.87mg of protein, 419.78 of carbohydrates, 34.73 grams of dietary fiber. for vitamin and minerals 900 mcg of vitamin A , 90 mg of vitamin c, 1.

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