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Lesson Plan for Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle

            Research has shown that the top health and nutrition concerns in America are associated with severe diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer and hypertension. Nutritionists assure that physical activity and eating the right foods are the best medicines. However, research shows that Americans do not follow the right recommendations. This was the main reason why I chose to teach this topic. Providing them with the right information and guidelines to face this issue is my goal. Besides being well aware and informed about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, I am a person who is really passionate for food, cooking, and exercising. I am constantly reading and researching about nutritional news, facts and healthy ideas to include into my daily routine. Moreover, I am currently interning at WBHI, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help women with breast cancer and heart disease. I am confident that prevention and education is key to a healthier and happier life. These are other secondary reasons why I felt motivated to teach students and professors in my community about "Healthy Lifestyle." .
             I will take advantage of this lesson as a way to educate my peers and professors using the right teaching techniques about what I already know and feel passionate about. First, I must understand their attitudes towards health and food. From past experiences and research, I have acknowledged that students and professors at colleges and universities like UM are relatively conscious about health issues. Most of them know and affirm that healthy patterns go in hand with a "mix" of food advantages like nutrition, quality, taste, and affordability and convenience (in most cases) together with physical exercise. However, many times they do not really know how achieve this ideal "mix," or they actually think that they are making the right choices when they are really not.

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