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Framers in the Constitution

            There is a common rumor that the framers divided their between philosophical discussions.
             of government and reading the classics in political discussions of government and reading the.
             classics in political theory. Their concerns were highly practical, focusing little of their.
             energies on abstractions.
             The merits of the Montesquieu did not turn up until The Federalist; and although a perverse.
             argument could be made that Madison's ideal was truly in the tradition of John Locke's.
             Second Treatise of Government, the Locke whom the American rebels treated as an.
             honorary president was a pluralistic defender of vested rights, not of parliamentary.
             The critical fight was over representation of the states and once the Connecticut .
             Compromise was adopted on July 17.
             Madison's increased devotion to the art of politics is nourished by an increased respect, that.
             just six months later after the Convention and prepare essays for The Federalist in contradiction.
             to his basic conventions about the true course the Convention should have taken. .
             Two issues will serve to illustrate the later process of accommodation, the first was the.
             institutional position of the Executive. Madison argued for an executive chosen by the.
             national legislature and on May 29 this had been adopted with a provision that after his.
             seven-year term was concluded, the chief magistrate should not be eligible for relocation.
             A good deal of desultory speech-making ensued, but the gist of the problem was the.
             opposition from two sources to election by the legislature. One group felt that the states.
             should have a hand in the process; another small but influential wing urged direct election by.
             the people. In total, all the proposals amounted to election by the people, the governors, or.
             electors chosen by the state legislatures. .
             After much debate, the whole issue was given over to a committee on Postponed Matters. .
             The people involved with this ordeal were swept up by the point of departure on the.

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