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My Writing Process

             Throughout all my years of writing I have never considered myself as a strong writer. The writing process for me can be very frustrating because I will begin writing my paper and I will instantly cross out what I wrote and change my sentences. This sometimes can make it take a very long time to get a paper started. In this paper I will examine my writing process, which will help me learn about myself as a writer, and hopefully get my papers started more smoothly.
             I will go straight to the computer and begin my work there instead of handwriting it on paper. This gets the whole paper done in one setting at my computer, which is what I prefer because it gets it done quickly. I usually try and rush through the paper trying to get all my ideas out and then I will go back and make the necessary adjustments weather it be adding a few lines or changing them.
             Before I begin writing the paper, I start brainstorming over the topic I will discuss and do research on that topic. The research I like to do mostly is online but most of the time it is necessary to go to a library and look up information. I write my brainstorming ideas and my research notes on a bubble chart and after I have come up with several topics I am able to organize them. I organize the ideas into an outline and after completing my outline I am ready to begin writing the paper.
             I begin my paper by coming up with a good thesis that will relate to the entire paper. When I construct my thesis I use the MLA style I learned in high school where I try to pose a question that can be talked about. I know this is not the only way to make a thesis but it is the way I have always used and feel comfortable with. After crafting a good thesis I will think of a good 3 or 4 sentences to write before the thesis to get my introductory paragraph started. This is typically the hardest step of my writing process because I feel like I have too rigid of rules for making a thesis which makes it harder to get one started.

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