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History of Ferari F1 Racing

             The year was 1939 when a young Enzo Ferrari laid the plans for the first ever Ferrari Grand Prix car. Before 1939 Enzo himself raced until her retired at age 34 in order to enter Alfa Romeo under the banner "Scuderia Ferrari", a name that to this day still stirs the blood of racing enthusiasts. Ferrari "s relationship with Alfa Romeo ended in 1937 over a disagreement "over the manner in which the marquee's future racing plans should be handled" (Nicholson and Hamilton, 1996, p. 51). By the time Ferrari had laid the plans for the Ferrari Grad Prix car any further development had to be delayed due to Hitler's romp around Europe that was occurring at the time. .
             Once World War II had finally ended Grand Prix racing slowly began to pick up once again. It was 1948 when Ferrari debuted at the Monaco Grand Prix, the car itself appeared to be a converted sports car from Ferrari's fledgling company. Later that year the first proper Ferrari Grand Prix car, the Ferrari 125, was entered for the Italian Grand Prix (Nicholson and Hamilton, 1996).
             Ferrari's first victory came in October of 1948 when driver Giuseppe Farina was the first to receive the checkered flag at Lake Garda. Alfa Romeo had been sweeping the boards but in 1949 the company withdrew from racing until 1950 leaving the way clear for Ferrari and Maserati. Enzo pulled the legs out from underneath the Maserati team when he signed their two top drivers despite the fact that the Ferrari team already had two leading drivers of its own (Nicholson and Hamilton, 1996). In 1950 Alfa Romeo returned to formula one and dominated the majority of the season but after missing a few races for fine-tuning, Ferrari returned with a jolt and fought to the bitter end for the newly introduced World Championship. Although they had lost the championship in 1950 by a hair to Alfa Romeo, Ferrari's ultimate victory came on July 14 1951 when the Ferrari 375 won the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

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