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             Toyota is best known for their high quality automobiles. The Supra SZ-R is perhaps one of the best-known sports cars Toyota has to offer. When the Supra RZ was introduced, enthusiasts had a difficult time differentiating the two cars. The reasons being that the exteriors of both cars are identical. Although the exteriors of the cars look identical, what is under the hoods of these cars may be of interest when deciding between these two vehicles.If I were interested in investing money in one of two sports cars, I would believe it is best to know the differences between the two automobiles to make the right investment.
             The most obvious difference between the Supra SZ-R and the Supra RZ is the engine. The Supra SZ-R offers 220 horsepower in a V-6 engine. This car does not have a turbo charger, and it still manages to run an astounding 0-60 mph time of 5.2 seconds. However, for an additional $10,000, one could buy the Supra RZ and receive an engine that has a turbo charger which offers 275 horsepower while still maintaining a V-6 engine. . If someone had a problem with speeding tickets, he or she may want to consider purchasing the Supra SZ-R. .
             The Supra SZ-R and the Supra RZ also offer a wide variety of transmissions. The Supra SZ-R offers both a manual and a tiptronic transmission. The tiptronic transmission lets the driver chose between shifting gears manually or by letting the car shift gears automatically. This type of transmission is hooked up to a dual-mass flywheel that offers smoother shifting when racing. On the other hand, the Supra RZ only offers a 6 speed manual transmission. A dual-mass flywheel is also standard in the transmission, but the clutch is specifically designed for faster shifting when racing. The advantage that a manual transmission has over a tiptronic transmission is that a manual transmission tends to shift faster and smoother when done properly.

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