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A Journey to the Beyond

            Early in the morning a cold wind gusts through the air, kicking up clouds of white dust throughout the snow-covered peaks of rock, thousands of feet into the sky. As the sun creeps upwards its golden rays slice through the frosty darkness, exposing millions of twinkling flakes of snow in a sea of frozen clouds. For one second this world lies still, towering majestically over the landscape below.
             One minuscule ice crystal is suddenly woken by a sliver of light. Within a split second its solid structure melts into a liquid droplet that begins to sink into the snow. Hundreds of ice crystals share the same fate and join to form a small stream of water, descending the mountain like a tear running down the wrinkled cheek of a laughing grandmother. The sky is clear and the day has just begun. Slowly but never relenting, the trickling stream struggles over the rough edges of the gigantic hill. It continues to grow in size as it collects neighbouring snowflakes in its path.
             As the flowing stream is pulled further and further down, the surrounding scenery begins to change. In the distance there are thick trees with gnarled branches, stripped of their leaves by the winter cold. Rich, brown soil emerges around the edges of the tree roots, as the stream washes away the icy blanket of snow that has covered them for six months. Twisting and turning, the winding waterway continues its course through the maze of forest it has entered. .
             Soon, the stream of water reaches a clearing where a thunderous, almost crashing sound fills the air. The small stream is suddenly jolted into motion by a strong current of water. The once small, lightly flowing creek, now joins a multitude of liquid serpents, meandering through a path made for them by the wilderness itself. With every turn the river makes, water laps over the edges and seeps into the cold ground. It continues on, gaining momentum with each minute, each hour, and each day.

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