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Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

             In the "Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost, up until the last stanza the poem appeared to be concerning only on the choice between two roads in a woods. The final stanza, however, gave a significance to the apparent choice that was incompatible with just the choice between two roads in a woods because this seemingly insignificant choice ended up "making all the difference.".
             Many times in life people are faced with choices to make that, at the time, seem insignificant, although, in the long run prove to have made a great impact on their life's course. I, myself, have experienced this very situation more than once- one of which being whether to attend college or to go to work. At the time this seemed to be just a choice, only now, four years later, am I seeing the significance of making the choice I did.
             When I was graduating from High School I was faced with the decision of whether to attend college and make a career choice or to just join the work force and become independent. Only a couple of people in my family had gone to college, and only one actually got a degree- the rest went to work. It seemed to me that going to college would be much harder, however, would yield higher results. At which time, I decided to pursue a college degree. In High School I had concentrated on medical studies, which I decided to follow up with in college. I soon saw that this was something I was interested in, however, not what I wanted to spend my career doing. I took some time off from school to work and to see just what the difference would be had I decided not to continue with pursuing a degree. In applying for positions, I immediately saw the benefit of continuing my education. Not only does having a degree give you a competitive edge when you do venture out into the working world, i.e., better jobs are available for you, it is easier to climb the ladder to higher positions, the pay is more competitive, etc.

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